My wish list for the ART WORLD 2016

For the artists:
More collaborations
Less envy
More curiosity
Less strategy
Less babble
Less compromising
More integrity
More risk-taking
More meaning
More magic
More passion
More flow

For the gallerists:
More nurturing
Less grooming
More strategy
Less amateurism
Openness to new concepts
A vision

For the curators:
Less conformism
More individuality
Less fashion
More listening
More education
More challenging concepts

For the museums:
More diversity
Less politics
More democracy
Less mainstream
More flexibility
More crossover
More challenging presentations
More open, interdisciplinary projects

For the collectors:
Less strategy
More sharing
More social consciousness
More support
More compassion

For the fair makers:
Less circus
Less cult
Less club
More concept

For all of us in the ART WORLD:
Fewer works
Fewer images
More quality
More silence
More free space
More culture
More awareness
More empathy
And more light

All of the categories and items in this list are expandable and arguably interchangeable, since all are inevitably interconnected.
Please comment and add to the list.

Have a great 2016!

Bernd & Anne