Lost Paintings: The Paintings

started as backdrops, support panels and painting pallets for my "real" work. I noticed them for the first time when I was photographing the studio for "The Third Image", a photo project with Rick Ashley.

They reminded me of my work, they looked like my work, but not quite. They had all the characteristic elements of my work: color, gesture, texture, etc., but I had not painted them - with intention.

This started all the usual questions about art: (when) is it art? The concept, intention, relevance, appropriation, process ... From Marcelle Duchamp to Informel to Now.

After photographing the panels I thought that the photos would become the originals and I would destroy the panels. Thatís how the title came up.

Later I decided that they were my paintings, even though I did not intentionally paint them.

This painting project is ongoing since 2000.