Art is only a byproduct.
But you have to give it all your attention. You have to fully commit yourself to it.

The material we are working with gives us guidance, gives us support.
Your art practice can steer your mind, your body into a direction that is beneficial to you. Towards developing calmness and inner peace.

The quality of alertness rises with your practice.
The quality of experiences rises with your practice.
The quality of your art rises with your practice.

Your art can be your guide on your journey, litmus test and reference point, anchor and home. The place you can always go to when you get lost.

Your art can be your voice. Speak up. Clearly.
Your art can be the vehicle on your journey towards what you are.
Becoming - Being.

You have a phenomenal gift. You found a great tool in art. Use it wisely.
Whenever you get lost go back to the work. It is always here: in the world, in your mind.

We do forget and we will always struggle, get discouraged and depressed ...
But don't worry.
Everything changes but nothing gets lost.
Everything remains that is.
You will find the right balance that works for you.
When you are closed you are not open.
When you are too open you vanish.

Your art will help you,
with your dedicated participation,
find your Inner Balance and Peace.