The format will be a workshop/retreat mix with a maximum of 10 participants.

I will be paying attention to each individual's specific interest and needs, to make this event most helpful and enjoyable for everyone. It is not about me pushing a specific philosophy or concept. The goal is to raise your awareness; to allow yourself to open up to what you don't know; and to free yourself from habits and conventions that may be in the way of your creativity. The goal is not to leave with a finished masterpiece but with new ideas.

Different forms of awareness practices, sitting and walking meditations as well as various breathing exercises will be part of the retreat. Mostly based on Buddhist teachings but in a secular fashion.

We will be addressing the story that you are compelled to share, not by focusing on technical stuff but rather by going deeper than surface and lines and paint: sharpen your mind and your ability to listen within.

You may bring any material you feel comfortable with and/or want to explore. But my advice is to travel light, preferably watercolor, inks, pencils, paper, collage ... A camera might be helpful.

Technical description:
The fee for 6 nights/6 workdays is $1,100, which includes housing, lunches and 3 dinners as well as transport from Reykjavik.

Our daily practice will be to start around 9 am and to work for 3 hours. And, after a 2-hour lunch break - which we will prepare and enjoy together - we will continue to work from about 2 until 5 pm.

Breakfast and the remaining dinners are up to you. The lodgings are in 2 houses located within walking distance and have kitchens for you to use. Also, there are several restaurants nearby.

Evenings are reserved for your private practice or interaction with your fellow students. Arrival day is Saturday, May 23, in the afternoon. We will have dinner together and get to know each other and the facility. And discuss the workshop layout. Departure is on Friday, May 29, after lunch and 1 final session together.