Change happens when you are doing something - Mindful at the studio

If you think that this is not the right time for questioning, rethinking, readjusting and refocusing and remembering what your real values are, what really counts, what is really true, then that time might never come.

This workshop will resemble as closely as possible the style of workshops I did in the past at various physical locations: a 5-day workshop, with a maximum of 6 participants: any skill level; any media.

I will be paying attention to each individual's specific interest and needs, to make this event most helpful and enjoyable for everyone. It is not about me pushing a specific philosophy or concept. The goal is to raise your awareness; to allow yourself to open up to what you don't know; and to free yourself from habits and conventions that may be in the way of your creativity.

The focus is studio practice, supported and guided but directly related to the work you will be making during the workshop. You may use any material you feel comfortable with and/or want to explore.

I will observe you do the work and interrupt and make suggestions or discuss options with you individually or the group.

Therefore it is important that you have Internet connectivity at your studio.

Dates: August 31 through September 4
Meeting times each day is 3 hours, 10am to 1pm via Zoom.
We start every morning with a short meditation with a different focus each day followed by a brief breathing exercise.
Then we continue the class with a critique of all the work from the previous day if interaction and dialogue are invited.
Thereafter, the focus will be on your studio practice.

In the afternoons private studio time or you may set up a call for a one-on-one private session between 3 and 5 pm.

Send results of your practice by 8am the following morning to my email address so that we can all share and learn from each other.
Cost: $425