This workshop is centered around your practice and your work, the work that you make and the work that you are. We will be addressing the story that you are compelled to explore and to share in your work.

I will not be teaching technical aspects (although I am open to discuss those if the whole group benefits from such) nor focusing on any particular method. Your work is the guide for our sessions. I will be viewing and critiquing and (group)-discussing works in progress, ideas to be tackled, finished work the author is (not) satisfied with, making reference to art and culture, human history and philosophy and nature and more.

Layout: Meeting Saturday afternoons 3 - 5 PM (+) starting October 17, for 6 weeks Open to all artists, working in any form or media, any level of experience. Participants will email me digitals of their work a day prior to the workshop to be reviewed by me. During the sessions those images will be shared with the group. Your thoughts will be welcome. Included in the workshop is also the option to have a brief private conversation with Bernd the day following the group meetings, phone call or FaceTime or Messenger. Cost: $425

Those of you who have attended my workshops or retreats, or are working one-on-one online with me more or less know the structure, style and content of my teachings.
For those who don't, I invite you to contact me for more information or for any questions or concerns.