"Art is a powerful tool to help us connect with our true selves, to learn and to practice what is meaningful to us and to communicate our findings to others."
Join me for a meaningful and kind self-inquiry through the application of 'color' to your art. I will offer concrete critique and mindful guidance as you work in your studio, and will suggest exercises or assignments with an emphasis on color that will evolve to meet your individual needs, and those of the group as a whole. Moving beyond any set theories of color, we will explore the being of color throughout history, fashion, psychology, biology, and physics, as well as the nuance and dynamism of applying and mixing color. Artists working in any media and all levels are invited to this in personal investigation of color as an essential tool that conveys emotion, mood, and message. Whether you embrace or fear color, you will deepen your understanding of what color means to you, and how you can use it to effectively communicate artistically.