From your experience as an artist you know that sometimes you are with the work, and sometimes you are somewhere else. Sometimes you are yourself and sometimes you realize that you are too much somebody else. And that is an issue in all creative endeavors. Because when you are more somebody else than you are you, then what can you truly contribute that might be helpful to yourself and to others?
My workshop is responsive to the needs of each individual and the group as a whole
- your art will be the guide.
One on one and group discussions about works in progress, ideas to be tackled, finished work the author is (not) satisfied with. Utilizing meditation, techniques and exercises to ground and anchor us.
One key focus is the sharpening of the mind, not the pencil.
Strengthening the connectivity between the outer world and the inner world, between you and your work, between your SELF and yourself, between you and your fellow beings.
Discussions of art and culture, human history, philosophy, nature and more that will have a direct affect on your practice.

We will follow any standard Covid protocol that is required at that time.
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for registration.