About what we see and what we don't see. Together we will engage in a creative dialogue exploring how we retrieve information, process it, and communicate it to the outside world. We will attempt to learn more who we are as a person, as an artist, about the world we are part of, and what we care to share. In one of the exercises we will engage in a non-verbal dialogue trusting the visual imagery as an independent means of communication, creating a chain of information that can be read by the individual as well as by a group. Being at the museum we will also work with images from the collection and special exhibits to specifically explore perception, memory and recognition. This creative dialogue becomes the beginning and inspiration for the individual to support and advance the work that one feels strongly about. All levels of experience, working in any medium and any substrate are welcome, as we address fundamental issues concerning all artists and exploring ways to advance our own work. Participants please bring smart phone or digital camera, along with the medium you usually work with.