We like to ignore and cover up our devastating failures and only momentarily bring them into the present after tragic events like Hurricane Katrina, the Houston flood or California wildfires and mudslides ...
It still is most people's belief and how most of us act that we are on top of nature, ruling nature, controlling nature, altering nature, that we are not part of nature itself.

I know art can raise awareness, instill new ideas, offer options. I know that my task is as hopeless in the long run and probably not more than another cover-up in our successful avoidance of scientific facts and of what is.

I still do my work because art is what I do and art as a form of mindfulness, selflessness, openness and kindness is my only hope and option.

The color White is "whiting-out" every disturbing, devastating, irritating, man-made element. And if we continue to do what we do there will be very little left. And that's my message.

I am not doing political art with in-your-face messages and I don't present cookie cutter problem solving. And I don't claim to offer solutions. All art is political when it is pure and not contaminated. Art is life and life is art.