Reality is true. And reality is false.
What we call reality might be an illusion.
Just because we can not perceive it doesn't mean that it isn't here. What is in focus might just be the surface.
But we know there is more, beyond the surface.
What is not clear might be unsolved, misinterpreted, or out of our focus of attention.
By asking the right questions we might open up to reality and see more clearly.
And the picture would reveal itself clearly - completely.

Art Tells the Truth:
The reality we think of is the reality we know.
But we know that the reality that is is more than what we know.
This truth is what art is pointing at, reminding us of, teaching us.
Just because it is not thinkable doesn't mean it doesn't exist.
What we see, what we perceive, is only part of what is.
It is a false assumption that what appears clearly, in focus of our attention, is more real than what is abstract, open, undefined.
What is undefined requires your full attention, your curiosity, your openness and compassion, your active participation, in order to become reality.