POEM - Warum ist da(s) Licht

What is light
Not dark, light
Where does it come from
The source, the big soup
What is the source
I don't know
What is light made of
Particles and waves
How is it made
From atoms and particles squiggling around in space, interacting with each other, changing their state of energy and presence
What is light good for
It creates the world
Why is there light
For everything to be and to see and connect
Why is there light
To enlighten us, to show the way into beingness
Can a poem or a picture do that
When everything is experienced/happening in the right light
No darkness, no light
Darkness and lightness
From darkness to light
From light to darkness
Particles and waves
Two views
One and the same
Light puts everything in the right perspective

Bernd Haussmann - April 2022