Subjective Environments: The Third Image
Photographs by Rick Ashley and Bernd Haussmann

The art that I have created over the years left traces in my studio. Those traces accumulate like a visual memory: a databank of my own history and that of my work. Photographer Rick Ashley and myself independently photographed my Marblehead studio.

I am interested in how the environment of the studio is perceived through a painter's eye (my eyes) in contrast to a photographer's eye (Rick).

My photography exists in parallel to my paintings. I do not force a connection between the two media but of course I cannot avoid it either since the author is the same. Rick begins without attachment and sees the world photographically.

Juxtaposing our photos in diptychs illustrates how we each see and respond to the same environment. The pairings create new relationships, a third image.

-Bernd Haussmann 2010