Dschungelbuch leans towards kitsch and consumption celebrating the cultivation of an illusion of a reality that never existed.

Thoughts on "Fugues - Review" that also apply to "From the Nature of Things - Dschungelbuch"
Visiting the past is always dangerous. We expect to find again what we did then. And we are disappointed when we don't. We know that memory is creative and we also know that nothing remains what it was.

Revisiting with the expectation of returning with an experience identical to the first one is an illusion. And is also the wrong intention: hoping for something that we know cannot happen. But approaching with that knowledge, in awareness, curious and open, just like the first time, then revisiting can be an option. What I can learn from it we will see.
One thing is for sure, it will be different. Will it add to the previous experiencings - I don't know (yet).

So it is up to you, the viewer, to review.
I wrote this before I went to work.
The results are for you to see.