When we look at art in a gallery or a museum, we spend at most 15 seconds with one work before we move on to the next one.

If you want to build a relationship with a work you need to be open and present, and you need more time.
The painting that seems the most challenging, irritating, boring, ugly, sweet- -the one you think you already know or the one that seems too far out - is the one you pick.
Sit in front of it and look carefully.
First you will see some paint and stuff on a surface.
Then slowly, with patience, openness, curiosity and presence, you will go beyond.
And the painting you least wanted to talk to will talk to you.
Listen carefully, absorb with all your senses and let the mind create a new experience.

This is the moment when a bit of paint and stuff on a surface transcends into Art.
Art does not exist without your active contribution.
Only when you let the outside experience enter without judgment or agenda in open awareness and with your willingness to let the new mingle and melt into your existing experience, then the magic can happen that we call art.

The resulting artwork will be invisible, but very present and very real!
And (then) another artist will attempt to create another picture, triggered by such experiences. And someone will sit in front of it and create a work of art, which will remain invisible until the experience gets picked up again and realized.
It is a continuum.
Art can not exist on its own.
It requires the active, mindful contribution of a participating experiencer.

The question of authorship will become irrelevant. The boundaries of creative property, me my mine, will become more vague and eventually crumble and dissolve. It is all a continuum of stimulation and response. The one does not exist without the other.
That is why picture-making or any creative endeavor is so important to show us the interrelationship of our senses and our minds, the impossibility of the individual self. Our interconnectedness with all that is and what is not.

The artist myth is a hoax, inspiration is a process, creation never stands alone, individual does not exist (independently), everything is interdependent.
The experience and the experiencer are one.

All art is the result of a conversation, a dialogue, a collaboration.
My picture is not my picture.
My Picture is not my ART.

If my breath is the anchor for my meditation then my work is the ground(ing) for it. For the anchor to hold it needs to be grounded.
If the ground is too loose the anchor won't hold.

The practice of art is an exercise in the cultivation of mindfulness.