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"We only see what we know."

"I see the world based on the art that I am making."

"My curiosities and my convictions remain the same. My approaches in trying to find solutions change. If I would do the same work over and over again, there would be no learning."

"My art is certainly instinctual but it always follows a concept."

"Art is always about censorship: the censorship of the author, the gallerist, the curator, the viewer. There is no objectivity in art."

"All my work is about beginnings. In my experience art can be a helpful 'tool' to explore existential questions in a completely non-scientific way."

"The eye cannot see beyond the surface."

"Sound evokes images and images evokes sound."

"Of course you get attracted to different genres and different disciplines of art. And then you have to make a decision what to pursue and what to eliminate. Because you can not do everything - or maybe you can - or maybe you should anyway."

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