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"My work is all part of an evolutionary process - - just like nature itself." BH 2012

"His devotion to and interpretation of nature has been ongoing since his childhood growing up in Germany. Additionally, his mastery of multiple mediums - printmaking, photography, collage, and video - feed his desire to enhance the depth and visceral quality of his paintings" Christine M. McCarthy, Director Provincetown Art Association and Museum 2011

BH: I am trying to create a stimulating routine within the concept of variation and repetition. The part of "not working" has become more and more important over the years. "Not working" consists of reading, listening, watching, talking, reflecting, contemplating, writing down ideas, developing new concepts, drinking of a lot of tea, gardening, bee keeping, making wood, and taking the dog for a walk.

Seth Godin: "You can't please everyone, you shouldn't even try. Because if you do something that pleases everyone you will not matter to anyone."

Seth Godin: "The question is how few people can I reach and still be able to do this tomorrow (art). Because if we can influence just enough people to keep getting the privilege to do it then tomorrow there will be even more people. Because we are doing something genuine that connects as opposed to do something fake, that is entertainment."

Jeffrey Deitch says "I am interested in art that matters and takes risks, not in just putting merchandise on the wall".

Robert Irwin: "Much art is the result of the artist's lack of faith (in their own and) in the viewer's capacity to have the ART EXPERIENCE without a lot of direction. What we (artists) are dealing with is the state of consciousness and the shape of our perception."

BH: "Ideas come from the inside, and then get tested in the outside (world)."

BH: "It is for the viewer to interpret the work, to question, to agree, to get inspired, to build new connections or to just continue to explore along the path the work suggested. There is no single truth and single way of interpretation. I hope that something will come out of that experience that might affect your thinking."

Rex Jung: "There is the receiver of that new THING, that interplay and exchange between the producer of the creative THING and the recipient of that THING. There is the exchange that is important, the social contact."

BH: "We share images with the viewer in the hope of creating a dialogue. But like in science and in history, even with the most intense participation of the viewer, most information will remain hidden. But it is the invisible, what we don't see, that stimulates our senses and takes us further."

Pete Seeger: "In solving a problem you often have to make connections between two things that aren't usually connected."

Susan Sontag: "Art is a form of consciousness"

BH: "All my work starts with a concept. Decisions I make in the process are based on intuition. After some time they become part of my conscious mind. The results get tested in the real world."

BH: "It is interesting to experience how science and philosophy continue to confirm, enhance, support and add to what I thought were my own personal discoveries throughout my lifelong engagement with art."

BH: "My goal is to raise awareness and to participate in the critical exchange concerning the challenges our world is faced with." "I am interested in beginnings, how we perceive realities, how we process and respond to information and how we create new experiences. With my work I try to help bridge the space between where we are now and where we would like to be."

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