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"My art is an amalgamation of everything I know, think, feel, want, like, need, wish, hope, fear, approve, question, was, am."

"I make pictures to understand and to be understood."

A Painting is a Question
"A painting might be resisting and unhelpful in answering your questions.
Maybe you are asking the wrong questions, or maybe the answer is the question, or the question is the answer.
Maybe no question is the answer or no answer is the answer. Maybe you just don't get it. Or maybe it is just a shitty painting you are talking to."

Letter to a Collector
"Creativity is necessary for our survival.
As individuals, as a society, as a species.
Art is one form of creativity.
I hope with my art to contribute to a culture of critical thinking and mindful action, respect, equality, and peace.

Art is not just pretty pictures on the wall. It is the starting point of a dialogue and exchange of values. An irritant that shakes up conventions and dogmas, a stimulant for new ideas and experiences, a community, a place for reflection, contemplation and contentment.
A sanctuary for the restless mind, and a bruised soul.

Art needs to be nurtured, shared and seen. You are the most important link in the chain of art production. Only through your commitment and contribution, some paint on a surface can turn into a piece of art. Without that art would not exist."

Dead Dahlia
"I see the picture of a shriveled up frozen dead Dahlia. I think it looks terribly ugly. It is irritating. And I'm curious why that is. 63 million years ago a big asteroid hit the earth, which caused a gigantic explosion that led to the extinction of most life that had existed. Which resulted in the beginning of us. A few hundred million years earlier similar things happened just at a much bigger scale. Stars forming and dying and exploding into new systems. Creating our universe, galaxy, our solar system, our planet. We are part of that big picture we are made of those exploding stars -we are Stardust. All the atoms we breathe in connect us with the breath of everything that existed before us. And we will be Stardust, and other life forms will breath in the atoms of our last breath. It is a big spiral. All is change all is flux. With great passion and an incredible success we found ways to alter and destroy our world, the nature we are part of. We can destroy the world but we cannot change the fundamental laws of nature, -the cycle of life. Think water. go with the flow. don't fight it. Accept it. Better embrace it, because there is no way to change it. No way out. We become, we grow, we are born, we live, we die, and...
The shriveled up frozen dead dahlia reminds us of that cycle of life. The picture is actually an offering, a Hommage to Nature, a Symbol for change and impermanence. But most of all proof that nothing is lost. That everything is part of something and becomes part of something else. And then maybe the shriveled up frozen dead dahlia doesn't look so ugly anymore but eternally beautiful.
Nature just is. It gives a shit about us. But it might help us deal with the inevitable a little more gracefully. Whatever helps. I take anything!"

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