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"In order to develop a environmental conscience we must start exploring our social and political conscience. With my art I try to offer suggestions and encourage the viewer to think independently as well as to appreciate the little things that we seem to overlook in our hectic environment. I try to add with my work to a cultural experience of values that have been ignored or forgotten and that I find important to re-discover and make a part of our everyday life."

"I make environmental art. I am exploring subjective environments through the process of creating art:

- the environment of my thoughts;
- the environment of my mind;
- the environment of my personal surroundings;
- the environment of the people who present my work;
- the environment of the people who see my work.

I am interested in if and how the spiritual, material, cultural, and natural environments influence those subjective environments and vice versa; if and how they meet, connect or overlap; and if and how my art can become a connector and stimulate interaction."

"I believe that taking risks and maybe even appearing inconsistent is the foundation of crating art"

"Art is not a fashion item or an object of monetary speculation. It is not about rationalizing, sensationalizing, analyzing, conceptualizing. Art is about identity, integrity, and authenticity. It is a necessity, a lifestyle, a state of mind, a cultural manifestation of the human condition. Art is about making suggestions and maybe even offering a glimpse of hope."

"Art must be authentic. It can not just stand as a metaphor for something else."

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