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Um-Welten Subjective Environments

Abstract artist Bernd Haussmann assimilates the concept of Umwelt-en "subjective universe," in his work. For him, the subjective universe is both within and without, not so much a physical space, but a spirit and soul connection with the elements that define our lives and thus form our very existence. For Haussmann, Umwelten comprises two distinct entities: a geographical-biographical component in the literal sense and a metaphorical abstraction. He devotes his creativity to this metaphorical abstraction and accordingly develops an organic abstraction, consistently exploring the realms of the natural world from the beginnings to the present, and to infinity. As a result his paintings affect both the artist and observer in three distinct ways:

Integrative: Because we are all living beings on this planet and therefore invariably linked to its natural resources, there is an instinctual integration with nature itself. Haussmann's goal is for us to become cognizant of the basis of our livelihood and obligation to guard this natural environment for the benefit of future generations.

Individual Identification: In his work Haussmann establishes his identity through the manifestation of his personal Umwelt with the hope to inspire the observer to recognize his or her own identity by virtue of revealing to them connections with their own, individual Umwelt.

Authentic: For Haussmann, Umwelten signifies a form of authenticity, an obligation for the artist to be genuine - true, faithful and honest. Authenticity relates to both his relationship with Umwelten and to the manifestation of his art. A prerequisite for creating authentic art work is to remain alert, to be tuned into the role humans play in changing the world and to maintain a sensibility with regards to those changes.

As Haussmann follows his path as an artist he ultimately transcends Umwelt into other subjective environments: His intention is to change the everyday life of his audience and thereby positively affect our biological - natural environment.

Dr. Ulrich Haegele Professor for Media Studies, University of Tuebingen, Germany and Independent Curator, January 2008.

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