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There used to be a time when there was darkness and light. One could get up at 4:30 AM and sit outside and observe the solar gentle change from darkness to light. And in the evening the same thing - just in reverse. Like a slow and soft breath in and out, hardly noticeable, but very present, when you are really awake. We sacrificed the night and what is left of it, because we are scared of the dark, a different kind of darkness - the darkness of the soul (St. John of the Cross).

There are two darknesses.
The one I just mentioned, the scary one, the darkness of the soul, and there is the darkness before dark and light (referred to by many wisdom traditions and religions from Advaita Vedanta to Daoism to Judaism to Christianity). The inner light.
The darkness of the womb, the source, the god before GOD (Ein Sof), consciousness, non-dualistic view, the absolute, the one out of which dark and light emerge from and return to.
Because we lost the other side of light we also lost that original darkness, the spiritual one and the creative one. When dark and light are not in balance, and in codependence of each other, and the one takes over, we not only play a devastatingly destructive game with the biology of nature, our own naturalness - we also gamble and sacrifice the mystical, the spiritual, the unknowable.

Dark Night speaks of the source. Dark Light of change, and the natural rhythm of all existence.

There is so much to talk about, but there is so much more to see.
ART is a form of self remembering. Self realization. An opening for direct experiencing. Finding the light within and bringing light into the world is the practice, the action that I call ARTing.

In the harsh, bright, man-made light we turn blind. We thought we would see better - but the opposite is true. It is more like a "white-out" and we turn blind to sight. All our senses turn numb. The experiencing of reality is distorted.
We lose ourselves. And all that remains are scary shadows, vague and separate from our true nature without any connection to the reality that really is.
Where is the switch to turn this craziness off?!

We are so lost, and so scared and confused that we turn away even from the natural light inside which could still guide us.

More light means more insight.
ART can help us see our true self better.
Light carries knowledge.
Darkness carries the unknowable.
In darkness, everything is at its place united.
Darkness births dark and light.

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