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BERND- "In order to develop an environmental conscience we must start exploring our social and political conscience. With my art I try to offer suggestions and encourage the viewer to think independently as well as to appreciate the little things that we seem to overlook in our hectic environment. I try to add with my work to a cultural experience of values that have been ignored or forgotten and that I find important to re-discover and make a part of our everyday life."

Ingrid Hoffmeister - An Independent or Not so Independent View

Looking at a painting by Bernd Haussmann fills me with deep curiosity and longing, longing for what - I don't know. It's like a fresh snow fall on a Sunday morning filled with possibilities. Here in Haussmann's creative environment or Umwelt I am beckoned by the surface of his canvas and submit my well worn 59 year old self to the impulse to enter. Upon its threshold I hear a distant voice that echoes words I once read - without others there is no self for it takes two to make something happen.

As I skate across the canvas I travel above, below, inside and outside realizing that my physical and emotional sensations are now responding to his. These brush strokes manifested by the one organism (Haussmann) do not act on their own. As soon as someone else comes to the canvas it is a process, a mutual interchange of messages that has the potential to move us into greater consciousness. I begin to feel the interdependence of all things including both the past and present. I also recognize that what exists on the canvas is an eternal record of Haussmanns Umvelt at the time of painting, a record of what filled his heart and soul.

Haussmann's conscious and unconscious Umwelt is contained with in the patterns, textures, colors and shapes of his work. Here are messages I cannot literally read but can intuit through my personal Umwelt filter, a filter that includes all of who I am: my personal cultural history, social and political values and life experiences. Clearly some kind of synergy has taken place with my sensations and Haussmann's no longer private, but part of a collective consciousness. I am discovering that upon his canvas the circle shape I follow is no longer closed from the outside but permeable. Here within the painting our visible and invisible worlds unite bringing us a sense of interconnectedness. I now ask myself, 'Where do I end and they begin' and are these words I write truly mine or have they manifested as a result of touching the Umwelt of Haussmann?

For me, Haussmann's work is all about discovering how to relate to the natural world, a world where we can overcome our feelings of alienation from the universe. We are not separate beings but organisms alive with intentional connection giving rise to a system where individuals and the earth are a single living entity. I am profoundly moved by this sentiment as it magnifies how imperative it is that individuals take responsibility for our local and global families, nature and the earth because we are one. In his book Steps to Freedom Sufi scholar Reshad Field wrote, "'as above, so below' means that the two worlds are instantaneously seen to be one when we realize our essential unity with God... The One and the many, time and eternity, are all One."

Ingrid Hoffmeister Background

With the passage of time, Ingrid Hoffmeister, a former Yoga teacher and licensed Marriage & Family Therapist became a writer of life stories. Many years ago her writing manifested into personality profiles and philanthropic articles that became a regular feature in the San Diego luxury lifestyle magazine "Ranch and Coast". Ingrid has also produced and scripted numerous community TV programs including "Save IT for ME," a 30 minute environmental documentary that has become part of San Diego's 4th grade school curriculum. Writing and performing monologues is another joy along with painting and travel. "It seems that I cannot identify with just one thing," says Ingrid. "The growth of my consciousness pushes me to examine the psychology of all human nature keeping me connected with the earth and with life."

Affiliations & Awards

The San Diego Press Club's Excellence in Journalism Awards 2006 - First place "Magazine-Education" category.

Ingrid is Co-President of the Del Mar TV Foundation and as a Producer/Host she won a Telly Award for her program "Del Mar Life".

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