A Certain Place at a Certain Time

A collaborative online photo project, in connection with Appearances 2014, Provincetown, MA.

Participants are invited to share their impressions during the event Appearances by visualizing what they feel needs to be seen – the theme being ‘WHAT WE (DON’T) SEE’.

The idea is to create a online platform
to document the multitude of ideas and concerns we have about our impact on the natural environment.
Participants in ‘Appearances 2014’are invited to submit their impressions in the form of high resolution digital images, via smart phone or uploaded from digital camera. Comments accompanying the images are appreciated.
At the conclusion of the event, images will be collated to form a ‘bigger’ picture.

The project is about perception and even more so, about mindfulness and sensitivity with respect to our own presence. The end result will be a memory bank, a ‘garden of information’ with a multitude of views.

This is part of several recent and ongoing projects by Bernd Haussmann, based on the idea of Dialogue, relying on visual imagery.
“Art is not so much about what we see; it is about what we don’t see.”

72 thoughts on “A Certain Place at a Certain Time

  1. Heather Blume

    Appearances, “Dune Installation” Joyce Zavorskas and Heather Blume collaboration. This installation model of the Outer Cape dune evironment encapsulates the rapid erosion and change this region experinces on a daily basis. The dune model highlights a reality that most people rarely stop to notice. The ground, in this region mostly composed of sand, constantly shifts. It gives clear indicators of present and future area conditions, important knowlege for those who would like to plan for a future here.


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